Fast 4G Wifi internet – 携帯インターネットは、U.Kを雇う

Rent a portable wireless internet device to use in the U.K. With this device you can connect up to 10 devices to the internet at the same time. Internet without landline, internet without cable, its small and portable.

Rent Now

  • 4G Fast mobile broadband internet (portable, so no need for wires)
  • Connect to the internet within 2 分
  • Wifi internet device that can fit into your pocket
  • package includes USB charging cable with connectable 3 ピンプラグヘッド
  • Connect to the internet while in your house, ホテル, hostel,移動して, or outside in the park
  • Connect upto 10 wifi enabled devices to the internet at the same time
  • its just like having your own personal hotspot internet
  • Device would be delivered to your U.K hotel, house or flat/apartment (any residential address), B&B, hostel or office (ANY U.K address)
  • includes a return postage envelope (すでに私たちが支払った) for posting the device back to us, by popping it into any U.K post box (post boxes are on every street in the U.K).
  • 1 へ 7 days hire gets 2GB(2000メガバイト) of data, 8 days or more hire gets 5GB (5000メガバイト)internet data (You can activate more data through the device).
  • Daily Limit? No, we Do Not have anydaily download limit”.
  • Your package would include: wifi device (with inbuilt battery, fully charged), battery charging plug, instructions (including the password)
  • Last minute order? Thats fine, we can deliver the device to you within 24 へ 30 hours after your order has been confirmed(on a weekday). If you order in advance, we always aim to get the dongle delivered to your accommodation (delivery address) a day before your arrival date.

4G Wifi internet order

  • £ 0.00
  • If you are staying at a hotel, please provide name used in reserving your room
  • We deliver to ANY U.K address
  • £ 8.99
    includes £30 Deposit that would be paid back to your account once the device has been return at the end of your stay.


*2000MB for 1 -8 days hire, 5000MB for 9 日以上,**for orders placed at least 3 days in advance

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