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Fast 4G Wifi internet – Portable internet Hire U.K

Rent a portable wireless internet device to use in the U.K. With this device you can connect up to 10 devices to the internet at the same time. Internet without landline, internet without cable, its small and portable. Rent.
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Alquiler de teléfonos de la célula – Alquilar un teléfono móvil para su uso en la U.K

Rent a mobile phone to use during your visit to London and use it anywhare in the U.K (Inglaterra, Escocia, Wales and Ireland) to make nation and internation call, enviar nacional & internacional sms / mensajes de texto, Llamadas entrantes gratis, Libre.
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Rent/Hire a Smart Mobile phone to use in U.K

Need a smart phone to use in London and anywhere in the U.K? need to be in regular communication and only pay at local rates? Rent a smart phone for the entire duration of your holiday*(14 días o más)..
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Tablet/Pad + Unlimited internet Hire to use in the U.K

Hire a tablet/ Pad to use in the U.K plus Unlimited internet access. Visiting the U.K on holiday, business or living in the U.K? you can rent/hire a tablet with unlimited internet in the comfort your hotel, in the.
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Alquilar un teléfono móvil para utilizar en Londres

De visita en Londres? Contrate a un teléfono para toda la duración de sus vacaciones o su viaje de negocios en el Reino Unido. Alquiler de un teléfono para toda la duración de sus vacaciones o sus viajes de negocios para.
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