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温莎, 巨石阵 & Salisbury tour – (Unavailable)

We take a journey into Berkshire & Wiltshire to visit 3 popular sightseeing landmarks and their surrounding areas – Windsor Castle, 巨石阵 & 索尔兹伯里大教堂! During the day we’ll take visits to the historic town of Windsor where we’ve.
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索尔兹伯里大教堂, 巨石阵 & 浴之旅 – £55

一个西方国家的完整的一日游,参观索尔兹伯里大教堂, 神秘的巨石阵和格鲁吉亚浴. Book this tour Included in Salisbury Cathedral, 巨石阵 & Bath Tour Tour of Salisbury Cathedral and see the Magna Carta Entrance to mysterious.
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