Month: 八月 2011

从伦敦巴黎观光一日游 - 179英镑

突出的巴黎一天的观光之旅,从伦敦的私家车接送,从您在伦敦市中心的酒店圣潘克拉斯国际欧洲之星往返车票, with Reserved seats on Eurostar Fully escorted in Paris Hop-on/hop-off sightseeing.
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Rent/Hire a Smart Mobile phone for the UK

在伦敦需要一个智能手机使用, need to be in regular communications and only pay at local rates? Rent a smart phone for the entire duration of your holiday*(14 最大天). You can rent a smart mobile.
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轮椅出租车预订/从伦敦机场接送服务 – 引文

把你在伦敦希思罗机场和伦敦的任何目的地,您可以预订一个私人轮椅的出租车服务. You can also book a Wheelchair Taxi to any other destination with the U.K. (Please feel free to contact us.
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