Fun Stuff to Do in London!

stuff to do in london
by Katcha

I think I must have multiple personality disorder. I mean, how else could you explain how a city like London can make me feel as if I’m being pulled in a dozen different directions? Whether I’m chilling to awesomely hip techno music at the T Bar or doing something straight out of the ‘American’s Guidebook to London’ – such as taking a guided tour through Westminster Abbey – the other things that I could be doing are always nagging at me in the back of my brain; all sorts of fun things. Some of them a little dorky I’m sure, but hey, it’s London, its 2011, if ever there was a time and a place where anything goes then this is it.

In London I can let myself go.

Let me use the second day that I was there as an example. That Friday I spent a long, hot and glorious morning wandering through Camden Market where the sheer variety of stores and stalls with things for sale left me staring, and ended up dripping my ice cream cone over the side of Regent’s Canal and wondering what if anything could live in water that was that shade of grayish green. That afternoon I rode the London Eye at Sunset and got a bird’s eye view of the entire Thymes River (not to mention the entire city of London), had a quick bite at the S&M Café (which in spite of its intriguing initials does NOT feature lots of leather and lace but rather traditional English-style foods such as sausage and mash) and spent the night rocking out at the 100 Club (which has awesome live rock and roll bands for anyone interested) on Oxford Street.

Do you see my dilemma? London has so many different kinds of things to do; it would be easy to just follow the guide book’s recommended sites and attractions, but the very best way to have fun in London is to just start walking; that’s right, walking.

London is a walking city, especially when you’re in the city of London (which is only a mile square) or the Bloomsbury area where I stumbled quite by accident onto the British Museum and got lost for an entire day wandering through rooms with cases of mummies and strange sculptures from the Parthenon and even got a look at the Rosetta Stone.

I even spent one afternoon walking up and down Charring Cross Road looking for the Leaky Cauldron. Hey, don’t judge me, I loved the Harry Potter books and if ever there was a city where you could believe that magic just might exist, it’s London. And of course, if you get tired of walking try a double-decker bus tour. Yes, I know, it pegs you as a tourist, but they really do give you a good overview of the city and show you just how accessible London really is.


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