Hire A Laptop to use in London – £20 (Out of Stock)

Rent a Laptop computer to use in London when you are on holiday, business or for emergency reasons.

You can now rent/hire a laptop computer to use durring your stay in London.

London Laptop Hire

London Laptop Hire, Laptop Rental

The laptop would be installed with Open Office. You would be able to use open-source office software suite for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets,databases , graphics and more.

It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages.

Laptop Hire service is popular individuals in universities, film makers, travellers and with people in industries ranging from  universities to accountancy firms.

Select your Laptop Hire Package(Price includes refundable deposit)
1 To 14 Days Package £20.00 28 Days Package £34.99 60 Days Package £69.99 90 Days Package £100.00
Booking Date:
Hotel Details:

Renting a Laptop computer with us is easy and stright forward. We deliever the rented Laptop stright to your London hotel or office and after your Laptop rental period, you can leave the Laptop at the reception desk of your hotel or office and we would pick it up. An “Easy for you” Laptop Computer rental/hire process for you.

Included in Rental:
  • Laptop
  • Laptop Bag
  • Laptop Charger
Duration: A rental package allows you to hire the Laptop for Fourteen days (14 days)
Refundable deposit: £200.00 deposit (Would be refunded after rented Laptop has been returned in a good working condition)
Rental Charge: £20 for 1 to 14 days

Who hires A laptop?

Laptop rental/hire is popular with people and businesses ranging from universities to accountancy firms, Our laptop hire/rental service is regularly selected and laptop hire is regularly selected to suit a vast collection of businesses and individuals who have limited budgets. Key businesses who commonly hire laptops include creative companies, mobile workers and film-makers.

Other Details about the Laptop Hire Service

Maximum number of days: Your Laptop rental allows you to have the Laptop for the maximum number of days displayed on the package you have selected and paid for.  After the Laptop hire package expires, you would be charged a rental fee of £1.99 per day.

A refundable deposit of £200 has been added. The deposit is only levied to provide a degree of

insurance against theft/loss/damage of equipment and fraudulent use.

The deposit would be refunded approximately 14 days after the rented Laptop has been returned. British Adventure is pleased to offer you our Laptop Hire service (Laptop Rental) to take with you when travelling abroad (international use) or while you are in London, United Kingdom. You can rent a Laptop as an effective short term solution for your business or personal communication, work or business needs. Laptops rented are Fully charged and ready for use. This is great for business trip, holiday or if you find yourself stranded for any reason without a computer or Laptop. If you need to rent a Laptop to use in London or take with you while travelling out of the United Kingdom we can deliver the hired Laptop within a 48 hours notice to locations in Central London.

Laptop Rental Service charge: This covers the cost of logistics, packaging and administration cost.

Once you have placed your order, we would send you an email requesting for your arrival,departure and hotel details so that we can arrange the delivery of the Laptop.

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