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واي فاي الإنترنت استئجار الجهاز – استئجار المحمولة / لاسلكي واي فاي hotsport: £1.50 per day***

Want to access the internet while in the U.K through your phone, tablet/pad, laptop or any WiFi enabled device? You can hire a Wirless WiFi Internet Broadband device (حجم المحمولة والتي يمكن وضعها في جيبك) from us (من قبل.
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Portable internet Hire U.K – Wifi internet to use the UK

wifi wireless internet hotspot hire Wifi internet dongle that can fit into your pocket Connect to the internet within 2 minutes Connect to the internet while you are on the move, in the park or indoors Connect upto 8.
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