USB Internet Dongle Hire/Rental for the U.K: £1 per day

Internet hire/Rental service U.K

Internet hire/Rental service U.K

You can now hire a Wirless Internet Broadband usb dongle to use while you are in the U.K. This means you would now be able to use Wireless Internet whenever and wher ever you like through your laptop. When you hire a one week internet package your average cost per day would be as low as £2.50 per day. Two weeks hire would mean you are only spending a low as £1.79 per day while a month would mean you are only spending as low as £1 per day for internet access.

So if you are on holiday or on a business trip, you can keep yourself updated while you are on the move, in the comfort your hotel, in the park,attending an event or on your sightseeing  journey.

The wireless Internet Broadband dongle would be delivered to your hotel/accomodation , the internet dongle can also be posted to any U.K address and it would include a return postage envelope (already paid for by us) which you can use in posting the dongle back to us. The wireless internet dongle can be brought to you at any London airport (this option is available at weekends only).

Email for enquiries:

A refundable deposit of £25 would be added at the checkout, this would be refunded to you once the broadband internet dongle is returned at the end of the hire.

Package options
Arrival & Departure dates
Delivery Address (Home, Hotel, Office)

Included in Rental:
  • Internet USB dongle
  • mini user instruction
  • Unlimited internet Broadband browsing and emailing (See Fair usage policy)
Duration: A rental package allows you to hire the Wireless Broadband internet service and Dongle for 7 or more days (for use within the United Kingdom and Ireland)
Refundable deposit: £25.00 deposit would be added at the checkout stage (This would be refunded after the Internet Dongle/USB has been returned in a good working condition)
Rental Charge: £1 per day for 30 days u.k Wireless Internet Broadband dongle package, £1.79 per day for 2 Weeks u.k Wireless Internet dongle package,£2.50 per day for 7 days u.k Wireless Internet dongle (Minimum of 7 days rental package)

Note: You would need to have a laptop or desktop computer to use the Wireless internet Dongle. All you need to do is to plug the Wireless Internet usb dongle to your computer or laptop, then follow the instructions that comes up on the screen.

Wireless Internet Hire/Rental Frequency Asked Questions

Is there an intenet usage allowance?

You would get an unlimited web browsing and emailing .

With your Wireless internet Dongle, there is an allowance of 500MB or allowance of 1GB (if you order a usage of 20 days or more) for the streaming of videos, uploading and downloading of files. If you hit this limit within a month, you won’t be able to do this type of upload and download again until the next month. But you would still be able to browse the web and read your emails through your Wireless internet Dongle.

What about using apps through my Wireless internet Dongle?
Some apps use a normal internet connection, so they will work just like your browsing and email allowance and not be deducted from you Wireless internet Dongle allowance. But there are some apps that use streaming connections, so these will fall into the 500MB allowance.

When would I get my deposit back for the Wireless internet Dongle?
Your refundable deposit for the Wireless internet Dongle would be paid back into your account when we receive the internet usb stick.

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